The Best Flooring Nexus Warranty Policies

Installation/Labor Warranty: The Best Flooring Nexus warrants its installation only if first grade or better material is installed.  Installation warranties are only valid on material purchased through The Best Flooring Nexus. We offer no labor warranty on products bought from Seconds & Surplus, Lumber Liquidators, Floor & Décor, Factory Flooring Liquidators, or any other flooring supply store that sells seconds.  Flooring material that is sold as seconds is cheaper for a reason.  In most cases it is because the material is damaged and will then be difficult to install properly or any number of other reasons. No labor warranty’s will be given on discontinued flooring products.

We warranty all installations for labor only for one full year from the date of the signed work agreement/ flooring contract.  After that period expires you agree that warranties on labor are void.  Installation warranties will only be considered after The Best Flooring Nexus is allowed to conduct their own independent inspection of the work in question. Meaning no warranty will be considered if we are not granted access to the jobsite to inspect the work in question within 60 days of the last date we were at the project job site. 

The Best Flooring Nexus reserves the right to a minimum of 30 days to inspect and make a decision as to what remedies it will offer to a customer who has filed a claim.  If the customer has someone else fix or replace a floor that is under or in a open claim status then the claim will be denied/terminated/forfeited and the customer agrees to forfeit all rights, monies, warranty’s, remedies, and will no longer hold The Best Flooring Nexus responsible for the flooring in any way.  Open claim status is defined as anything that is being or has been inspected, in an open claim status, a claim under review and not finalized or a claim that has not been resolved mutually between The Best Flooring Nexus and the one whom filed the claim.   All offers too resolve claims must be in writing and signed off by both parties and once accepted are considered final compensation.

No warranty work will be performed until all balances are paid in full for all contracts for that home or project. We offer no warranty on stone, granite, or marble products whatsoever as these are all naturally occurring materials. We are not plumbers and we do not warranty against any defective work, water damage, or problems that may arise from damaged plumbing, toilets, sinks, or showers that are installed incorrectly. We may at our own discretion replace a toilet or sink or reinstall these items but the customers accepts all liability for our actions.  A normal plumber charges $200 to $350 for toilet and sink removal/ replacement services and we can at our own discretion provide this service for a fee of $75-$100 but the discounted rate the customer pays means the customer accepts all liability from the negative results that may occur from us not being a licensed plumber.  We recommend customers hire a certified plumber for all their plumbing needs.  Any required plumbing repairs are the responsibly of the home owner. Most of the time we recommend the customer repair the water line to an old refrigerator before we hook it back up for example.

No warranty will be given for door work.  If a door does not fit and we cannot put it back after installation it is up to the customer to hire at their own expense; the correct person to fix this issue.  The Best Flooring Nexus is not a door of door framing company.

We do not warranty against the breakage or theft of any furniture, electronics, art work, antiques or other house hold items or valuables.  We do move items at our sole discretion in order to conduct work but the customer accepts all liability for our actions.  We ask our customers to remove all valuable from their home or work area before any installation begins.

We warranty no work concerning painting issues.  We do not paint, touch up, or repaint anything.  We are not painters.  It is recommended you paint your home or base boards after your flooring is installed should you elect to do both home improvements at roughly the same time.

The customer must verify that the correct material is being installed before our installers begin installation.  Once the product is installed it is considered the correct material in any amount installed. 

Scope of work: once the customer signs the work contract if a room or area is missing from the contract the customer is only afforded the amount of installation equal to the amount of material delivered to the jobsite per the contract.  For example “I thought you were going to do this closet or that room” as a customer would say.  If the contract does not specify list that area of work/ room or the contract does not contain enough material to do that area/room the customer must now pay for this area as though it were added new work without any discounts.  It is the customer’s responsibility to go over the scope of work with a member of The Best Flooring Nexus before the work agreement is signed to make sure every area is covered and listed on the flooring contract.  Too many customers have tried to add areas that were not in the contract in an effort to get flooring for free.  The Best Flooring Nexus reserves the right to refuse work without additional payment in full for work that is not specifically outlined room by room on our contract with our customers.

We are not responsible for dust created from a project beyond normal consideration which is covering the work area with plastic.  We recommend every customer hire a cleaning company 3 days after we leave to clean any residual dust.  The dust has to have a chance to settle before you begin cleaning.      

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Flooring Products/ Material Warranty: The Best Flooring Nexus does not warranty any products sold or materials installed.  All product material warranties come from the manufacture of that product itself.  It is up to each customer to do their own research and check to make sure that before they buy and install or have a flooring product installed that they fully understand the manufacturer’s warranty from the product they are buying.  If a manufacturer does not offer or display a warranty on their website or offer one inside the box or packaging the material comes in then that product has no warranty.  The customer should print and read all warranty’s from the product manufactures website.  Especially if you buy a product print the warranty as soon as possible as manufactures update their websites all the time and will change a warranty if a products starts having lots of problems. It is not up to The Best Flooring Nexus to provide any product warranty information the customer must obtain this information at their own time and expense.

Filing Product/ Material Claim: The Best Flooring Nexus is in no way obligated to file or assist with the claim process for any products it sells or installs.  A customer at their own expense should hire a certified inspector or file any and all material claims directly with the manufacture of that product.  The Best Flooring Nexus at its own discretion may assist a customer for a fee of $500.00 that will be paid up front to cover the cost of the flooring inspector.  Additional costs will vary to file claim forms and complete the claim process.

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