Carpet Remnants

There is no such thing as carpeting remnants!

1.  There is no such thing as carpeting remnants.  People searching for carpeting remnants are trying to get carpet so cheap they think if they buy something that is called a remnant somehow they are getting carpet at the lowest price.  Carpet suppliers and Carpeting Company’s sell carpet from carpet rolls and take from each roll the needed material as they sell each job.  As the roll size dwindles the carpet from that roll get less and less leaving anything under 12 feet by 12 feet as the remnant of that roll.  Most carpet suppliers will make a flooring company buy the last few feet off the roll weather they need it or not so the supplier is not left with this small amount.  The flooring company then hides or discloses this charge in the customer’s final bill and leaves this carpet for the customer buying the carpet.  So a person calling out of the blue asking for remnants can only find it if we give that person the last customer’s home address of the carpet we just installed that had a remnant.

2. When trucks from Georgia deliver carpet to carpet suppliers they do not want to drive all the way back to Georgia with an empty truck so some carpet supplier’s load up these empty trucks with all the remnants they have and sell it back to the carpet manufactures at a contracted price.  It is a form of recycling. 

Can a person calling out of the blue buy up all the remnants at once from a carpet company’s warehouse and beat the manufactures buy back offer? No they can’t. A person calling out of the blue is wasting everyone’s time trying to buy a piece of one carpet so they can save money at expense of everyone else.  

3. Taxes: The city taxes flooring company’s on inventory we have in our warehouse so it is in our best interest to never have remnants in the warehouse; ever!

4. Flooring companies tell customers who call looking for remnants that they have them only to show them a cheap carpet that they make all the time and have in stock.  They carpet will not fit the true description of the word carpet remnant but will just be a cheap carpet.  Sometimes an unknowing customer will be sold carpet seconds, as opposed to first quality grade carpet the norm, and the cheaply made carpet they thought was a remnant price was a carpet that was marked seconds by the factory. 

In conclusion no one wants to hold/pay for warehouse space for a true 12 feet x 9 foot piece of carpet remnant.  The flooring industry solved this problem of carpeting remnants 10 years ago.

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