Flooring in Arlington Texas

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Arlington Texas Flooring Company: Our #1 requested flooring in Arlington Texas is: Laminate Flooring in Arlington, Tile Flooring in Arlington, Harwood Flooring and Wood Floors in Arlington, Carpeting in Arlington, Solid Oak Wood Flooring, Sand and Refinish Wood Floors, Vinyl Plank Flooring, and general flooring installation in Arlington.

Arlington Texas is a city in Tarrant County.  Arlington is an older community and what we have found thus so far is most homes are undergoing there second or third remodel for the life time of the home.  Arlington Texas has almost doubled in population in less than ten years.  Most of the people living in Arlington are younger families that commute to Fort Worth or Dallas.  A large proportion of the head of households in Arlington are single mothers.

What this tells us at The Best Flooring Nexus is that Arlington is a community with specific needs according to the 2010 census.  Based on current flooring sales and local flooring trends in Arlington, The Best Flooring Nexus; recommends the following types of flooring.

The #1 most requested types of flooring in Arlington Texas is Laminate wood flooring, new tile flooring, hand scraped engineered wood flooring, sand and refinish of existing old wood flooring, and Carpeting.    Our flooring customers in Arlington tell us they need a type of flooring that is an upgrade from builders grade carpet but not as expensive as engineered hardwood floors or solid wood nail down flooring.  Many families or single moms have young children and so most of their flooring needs center around the same attributes that laminate flooring provides and offers.

Home owners in Arlington Texas prefer Laminate wood flooring in order resolve most of their Flooring Needs:

1. Low cost flooring solution: Laminate flooring is almost half the cost of engineered wood flooring and way less than solid nail down oak flooring.

2. Low flooring maintenance:  Laminate flooring is really easy to maintain. The number two reason people in Arlington buy laminate flooring over all other flooring products is the ease of cleaning.  Most young families have small children and pets who make a mess either through play or pet hair.  Dirt, hair, and crumbs will sit directly on the surface of laminate flooring.  To clean laminate flooring we recommend products specify designed for laminate floors like Bona Laminate floor cleaner and mop.  The low cost of a laminate mopping system and the ease of use allows a home owner to clean a dirty living floor in as little as 15 minutes a week at a cost of $3.00. That’s about a third of a laminate floor cleaning cartridge that cost $10.00.  When laminate floors are clean, they are really clean! With laminate floors there no hiding dirt like with carpet. This is better for health reasons and people with allergies.

3. Health Reasons:  3/4 of the women who make the decision to use laminate flooring in Arlington tell us that they are replacing the carpeting with laminate because there kids have allergies.  Most also tell us that a medical doctor recommend to them that they make this change. 

4. Durability: Laminate flooring is more durable than a hardwood floor when it comes to scratch resistance.  Energetic children and pets can take their toll on hardwood flooring but laminate can take the rough play of both.  Most families in Arlington Texas have told us that they plan on moving in 5 years to either get a bigger home or move for work.  They don’t want to spend a lot of money on the home they are in since they are not going to live there forever but they have already worn out their builder’s grade carpeting.   They tell us that they don’t want to put low quality carpet back into the home since by the time they sell it they will have to give the buyer a flooring credit.  So laminate flooring adds value to the home and will look brand new even 10 years from the day it’s installed if taken care of properly.  So for many home owners Laminate flooring provides an increase in added home value and solves many day to day problems.     

Click here to see our recommend laminate flooring products: Lawson Laminate Flooring.

The 2nd most requested flooring in Arlington Texas is Tile Flooring.

1. Tile is in our opinion one of the best and most durable flooring products one can have in their home.  Tile if install properly will last 30 or more years easily.  Most of the tile we are replacing; not adding too.  The Best Flooring Nexus has been installing new tile flooring in Kitchens, bathrooms, front entry’s, and master bathrooms throughout Arlington Texas for the past 5 years now.   We take up the builder’s grade ceramic tile flooring and replace it with wider 18x18 or 20x20 denser porcelain tile.  Arlington Texas has a lot of clay soil and the softer ceramic tiles have more of a tendency to crack when newer homes began to settle.  That why almost all our flooring service calls are for tile flooring in these areas as a result of cracks in the existing ceramic tile.

2. The Best Flooring Nexus will provide at a Arlington home owners request, a free flooring membrane to mitigate future cracking before we do any tile flooring installation.  Just call us for a free in-home flooring estimate and mention this website page.  In construction not everything is cut and dry.  Buildings are designed in a manner that, “Existing conditions are as such thus the best method of installation and best products to use are…..”     That being said all tile flooring in Arlington should be porcelain tile and all floors should have some form of crack mitigation system applied before installation since Arlington is built over heavy clay soils.

At The Best Flooring Nexus we are not just a flooring store.  We are a professional flooring installation company who happens to also sell the products we believe are of the best quality and value.   Other flooring companies don’t send an experienced flooring contractor to your home; all you get is a flooring sales man who never built a home in their life who only knows how to sell you something.  Call us if you have any questions about your subfloor.  One of our trained flooring experts will come to your home and give you our best advice on how to correct your flooring problems.  Even if you have major structural cracks in your sub floor call us we’ve seen it all. 

The 3rd most requested flooring in Arlington Texas is Engineered Hardwood Flooring or Handscraped Wood Flooring.

Families who ask us to install wood flooring in Arlington Texas tell us they don’t want laminate flooring because they like the look of real wood flooring better.  The cost of wood flooring is about $2.00 more per square foot and most of you who want wood flooring do not mind paying a little extra to get what they want.  Families who choose wood flooring over laminate flooring have kids who are older and usually are out of the house or in high school already. 

House flippers and young professionals all want hardwood flooring for their homes in Arlington Texas.  Flippers tell us that they can sell homes in about half the time if we install wood flooring in place of carpeting.  Young professionals tell us they want wood flooring for both the added value to the home and the sleek more modern appearance a wood floor can bring to a home.   House flippers and young working professionals make up about 20% of the people we sell to in Arlington Texas.  

The 4th and 5th most requested flooring in Arlington Texas is Residential Carpeting and Solid Nail Down Oak Flooring or sand and refinish of existing wood flooring.

Carpeting: Home owners that request new carpeting in Arlington are usually replacing two or three rooms at a time.  Some replace the kids rooms with new carpet but tear up all the carpet everywhere else and have us install new laminate flooring.  The #1 carpet of choice seems to be a 40 once or better frieze carpeting with mixed earth tone colors.  Hiding dirt is something we hear all the time from young families.  The beige tones do it better than the builder’s grade cream light color carpets they currently have. 

When we replace a carpet due to pet odor we recommend our customers treat the subfloor with a product called urine off or any other pet urine remover.  This is a biological enzyme formulated to destroy the urine smell from animals.  That way when we install your new carpeting you don’t have the same old odor problems.   We can get urine off for you just ask us.

The 6th most requested flooring in Arlington Texas is Sanding and Refinishing of an existing wood floor.

A lot!!! of older home in Arlington Texas have solid oak flooring from the 50’s and 60’s.  We sand and refinish flooring for $3.00 a SF no matter how large or small your project is.  This includes 3 sandings; one heavy grit, one medium, and one fine grit sand paper disc sanding.  We then let you the home owner pick the new stain for your floor.  You provide you with many colors to choose from.  Most people try to match there stair railings. We then put 2 to 3 coats of polyurethane over the stain to protect the floor finish.

Which is Better? Oil-Based or Water-Based Polyurethane?:

“The decision to use an oil-based or water-based polyurethane will depend on your project. Oil-based polyurethanes are easier to apply and less temperamental than water-based polyurethanes, as two or three applications will usually be enough to protect your project. Oil-based polyurethane finishes are susceptible to brush marks, and they take some time to dry, which may subject your finish to bugs or dust. Water-based polyurethane versions dry much more quickly, are a bit more self-leveling and have less odor when applying than the oil-based versions. However, the water-based polyurethanes tend to raise the grain of the wood, are susceptible to water marks and can be somewhat temperamental when using with stains. Water-based polyurethanes tend to have a milky-whitish look when applying, but this should disappear as the finish dries.”http://woodworking.about.com/od/finishing/p/polyurethane.htm

The 7th most requested flooring in Arlington Texas is Vinyl Plank Flooring. (The click lock kind not the glue down vinyl plank)

Home owners who request this type of flooring are either landlords or people who are really on a tight budget.  Vinyl Plank Flooring is a quick fix to bare concrete subfloors.  Land Lords love this type of flooring as it can take a lot of abuse and is easy to replace individual planks when they change out renters.  Older people on a fixed income are also using this more and more as a flooring solution.  Most of the tile in their kitchen is cracked do to home settlement and they cannot afford to install a new tile floor so they have The Best Flooring Nexus install vinyl flooring in its place.  It looks like wood but is a super cheap solution to a major problem.  So yes we sell and install vinyl plank flooring in Arlington at a rate of about 2 homes a month.

Call us today for free samples of any flooring on our website and a free in-home estimate broken out line by line.  214-780-1883 or 818-274-4029 to ask the owner directly any specific technical flooring questions you may have.