Looking for best carpeting subcontractors/Installers nationwide

The Best Flooring Nexus Inc. and  its affiliates are looking for professional installers/ flooring subcontractors nationwide. Simply fill out the form below and a member of the company that works with all our subcontractors will get back to you. We are looking for all types of flooring subcontractors for both public/private; residential and commercial work. 
In order to qualify as a subcontractor for our organization you must meet the following standards.  If you do not meet the following standards we will help you obtain these standards before you are awarded any contractual work agreements.  We have taken many good workers and helped them start/form their own company and helped them obtain independent contractor status so do not be afraid apply now!
1. You must have your own flooring tools, equipment, and supplies!  We do not provide tools for you we are not your boss.  You are an independent subcontractor and will be expected to have your own tools. If you don't have tools you will not be given any flooring contracts.
2. You should have your own company name and logo.  If you do not we will help you create one.
3. You must have your own reliable transportation that can pass a state safety check.  If your vehicle breaks down more than 3 times a year you can no longer work for our Network until you buy a new vehicle. "My truck broke down." excuses will get you booted.  "I have no gas." Will also get you the boot immediately. 
4.  You can work and are encouraged to work for other companies.  You will not be our employee so you are free to work for others as would any independent subcontractor.
5.   You must be registered or licensed by your applicable state laws as subcontractors.  We will help you register with the secretary of each state you perform work. 
6.  If you maintain a separate business with your own office, equipment, and other facilities it is a plus and preferred. 
7.  You must be set up as a separate legal entity with your own company EIN# (Employment Identification Number); social security numbers will not cut it.  Social security numbers are for workers and employees. You are not and will not be our employee. Independent contractors will and must get EIN#'s. We will help you set this up if you have not done so. 
8. You will be required to get your own workers compensation and liability insurance.  A certificate of additional insured will be issued for each and every contract you are awarded.  If you think you can show us a piece of paper and say you have issuance this will not work.  We contact your insurance for each and every job to notify them they are covering that new project.  If your insurance is not maintained 24/7 365 then you will not be considered for awarded flooring work.
9. You must be willing to sign a master subcontractor agreement covering all work you will be paid to perform.
10. Payment is based on a unit basis or competitive bid basis.
11. You must control your own means to perform you work.  We will not tell you how and when to perform your work other than project schedule and deadlines.  You must have your own project managers and skilled workers to finish any project you are awarded. 
12. If you fail to complete any awarded project in a proper way you will not be paid and will be held accountable for any punch list items or incorrect installation.  The Best Flooring Nexus will sue the hell out of any contractor that flat out installs a floor incorrectly resulting is a botched job. We expect Superior workmanship. 

If you think you can live up to our expectations then proceed and fill out our subcontractor forms. If you cant.....then go work with our competitors.  We only want the best.  No slackers allowed.