Investor Relations

We do not need a business loan nor will we ever apply for one.  So do not contact us with a business loan proposal.  We also will never go public as we do not need to raise capital then be pressured by stock holders to turn a profit; this we feel, will only lead to poor customer service.

If you want to buy into a container of wood flooring or tile then one can invest this way.  One can invest in helping us pay for containers of flooring material and as the product is sold they will receive the money they invested in that container plus added profit.   It’s almost as though you will become one of our suppliers who help finance each container which we then sell and you obtain a percentage or set amount whatever is agreed by all parties.  Once the material from that container is sold out thus ends your investment with our company. If you wish to open a new contract or investment option then you would start all over with a new container and so on and so on.   We will provide investment options to investors once we qualify you.  So if you are interested in becoming a container investor please fill out the form below.


Thank You,


David Hill

Owner/ President