Get Paid $50.00 By Telling Someone About The Carpeting Nexus

The Best Flooring Nexus will pay anyone $50.00 for a flooring referral that results in the sale of a flooring product, flooring installation, or flooring repair.  You do not have to be an existing or past customer in order to qualify.  Simply email us with the name of the person or business you wish to refer and we will set up an appointment with that person/ business for new flooring or a new floor installation.  Once that person signs a work order or purchase agreement with The Best Flooring Nexus, the work has been completed, and paid in full we will mail out a check within 30 days to the person or entity that initially referred that customer.  

Disclosures & Qualifying Rules:

  1. One referral fee can be redeemed per referral.  Meaning the person to have the work done may do tile flooring one week and new carpeting the next.  Two sales were generated from the given referral but only a onetime fee of $50.00 can be redeemed for that referral. 
  2. Referral fees can only be redeemed/ awarded if a person who refers the potential client notifies The Best Flooring Nexus in writing before that prospect buys.  For example a customer cannot go with The Best Flooring Nexus then a month later a family member calls us and says, “Randy is my friend and he bought wood flooring from you a month ago can you mail me a $50.00 referral fee since I told him about you?”  The Best Flooring Nexus has no way to verify this unless we are notified in advance before the sale/ appointment in writing that this was someone that was a referred customer.
  3. Referral fees are sent out within 30 days of receiving full payment from the person who had the flooring work done or bought the flooring material.  Sometimes a customer will place an order for flooring for a new house that will not be installed for 6 months.  We cannot mail out referral fees when the work has not been completed let alone fully paid for.   Sometimes customers even cancel an order before a flooring installation date due to varying reasons meaning that customer never turns out to be a customer in the end.
  4. There is no limit to the number of referrals one person can send us for redemption.  Just as long as each referral is totally different and unique.
  5. The profit on a flooring product order or flooring installation must equal or exceed $500.00 in order to qualify for a referral fee.  For example, someone can not refer a customer to us who only buys one box of wood.  One box of wood only has maybe $25.00 profit so we cannot afford to pay out $50.00 for such a referral.  
  6. A potential customer can also contact The Best Flooring Nexus on our contact form and tell us that a person referred them as well.  We have realtors that have their clients contact us directly all the time.  Just make sure that, that customer tells us which realtor referred them before they place an order with us. As long as we have the person who did the referring’s name in writing before any sale we will track down that customer’s referral and reward that person after the project is completed and paid in full.
  7. The person who sends us a referral agrees that a referral fee can only be paid in the form of a company check.  The Best Flooring Nexus will not mail or pay referral fees in the form of cash. 
  8. Any person who collects $600.00 or more in one year in referral fees may be subject to a 1099 tax statement for that year from The Best Flooring Nexus.
  9. If two people refer the same person the referral fee will be awarded to the person whose email or contact form date precedes the other. Meaning first come; first to get the fee.
  10.  Work that qualifies for a referral fee.
    • New Flooring Installations Commercial or Residential
    • New Flooring Material Orders
    • Flooring Repairs
    • Sand and Refinish Flooring Projects.
    • Any flooring material orders placed or mailed out of state qualify. 

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