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Great Job !! Service and Price..........

I love my floors. Both David and the workers were great. Most of all, the price was great. We got three estimates and David came in much less with better products. We are very pleased !!


Just Melissa

04/07/2015 I highly recommend it :)

Hi! I want to share my experience with Texas Best Flooring in detail so it does not get lost in all the other reviews. I've been saving for carpet for a while now because, well, we have kids. The previous owners had kids. And pets. Our carpet was white with regular padding. Did I mention that we have kids? They spill stuff even though they're not allowed onto the carpet with food & drink. (ha!) The carpet was pretty gross despite frequent cleanings. It was regular padding and closed loops. Once stuff gets in there, it's there to stay. Wicks right back up. Last week, I hit my savings goal. I reeeaaaallllyyyy didn't want to spend it (because, let's face it, I'm a penny-pinching, cheese-paring, cheapskate) but my baby is almost crawling and I wanted him off of that carpet more than I wanted not to spend the money. We could have done it ourselves but the time, effort and frustration of wrangling kids while installing carpeting is so NOT worth it. I have researched and obtained multiple quotes from carpeting companies, home improvement stores and even warehouse clubs. Then, I remembered something about a company writing a candid article about the markup on flooring at My Dallas Mommy but it had been a while. So I did a search. This is how I found Texas Best Flooring Company. And also how I got new carpeting in less than 24 hours from quote to completion, on budget and with a great installer. David came to our house the same day that I called for an estimate - after hours and out of his way, worked to keep me within my budget and still get the Stain Master padding and carpet we really needed for our family structure and traffic patterns. It's absolutely beautiful! Way better quality than the stuff we were eying at Home Depot for the same price. You should have seen my kids rolling around on it, exclaiming, ""It's so soft, Mommy! Imagine me wiggling in my chair and singing ""We Got New Carpet"" to the tune of ""You Can't Catch Me."" Thanks, Melissa


January 2014- Texas Best Flooring Company installed carpet throughout my house and hand scraped my hardwood floors. Here is what we experienced:

1. Professional service from the first contact until the last.

2. Employees who showed up on time worked hard all day and finished exactly when they promised

3. Excellent quality work 

4. Very competitive pricing

5. Employees and owner who really take pride in their work.

I do not often write reviews but this company deserve recognition for the quality of work and product.



So, David is an extremely confident dude and has very strong opinions about just about everything, especially other flooring companies. I was a little skeptical after I got off the phone with him but made an appointment for him to come and measure later that evening to get a carpet estimate. 

Right off the bat, he didn't seem like a typical "sales person." Told me everything straight, to the point, no BS. As I was a first time home buyer, just starting out, he was able to work with my budget and figure out ways to cut down costs a little here and there without compromising on quality. He had his installer come out the very next day without even asking for any form of payment. His installer was extremely forthcoming as well. He informed me my current pad was only a few years old, in great condition, and even better than the one he had brought. Therefore it would be smarter for me to just use the old one, saving me another couple hundred bucks. I honestly would have never known and would have paid for the new pad if he hadn't told me.

And the BEST part is this new carpet I have is freaking amazing. I want to roll around in it... seriously. It's so plush, dense, and soft, my vacuum cleaner almost gets stuck in it, and I got it at an unbelievable price. David has connections with various warehouses and carpet peeps, and he can get his hands on amazing pieces for dirt cheap prices. Also, he's the owner of the company, so he can make you deals other carpet companies can't and basically do... whatever he wants. He's not the conventional pushy salesman; he's smart, to the point, and will get things done.



Great experience!! We were in a rush to get carpet in and David worked very hard to accommodate our schedule! He was prompt on our appointment for the estimate and when we changed from wanting hard wood floors to carpeting he was able to quickly change right along with us! The installation crew did a great and clean job! Just one drawback I experienced was that he was a little slow on email responses. But all in all a great job!!! Thanks!!!